What Does Dr. Oz Have to Say About HCG Injections?

The hype on HCG Injections has been on the rise for quite a while now and many have put forth their opinions. Among these is Dr. Mehmet Oz the host of the popular American TV show called “Dr. Oz’. He hosted a segment on the show that was titled.” Weight Loss Miracle or Hype: The HCG Diet.’ This focused on this weight loss program that claims to help people lose as much as a pound a day. That is quite commendable but did it convince Dr. Oz?

In the 2013 shoe, Dr. Oz hosted Dr. Sheri Emma who is a doctor from New Jersey and one who prescribes HCG injections for weight loss for her patients. She explained that the shots are not just given alone but must be coupled with a low calorific intake so as to lead to weight loss. The patients are required to take about 500 calories per day. The HCG will take care of ensuring that the person does not feel hungry and improving the metabolism so that fat is burned faster. During the interview Dr. Oz sought to know what the need for the drastic reduction in calorific intake is. The medical doctor explained that obese people need to lose the weight fast and so do those who are overweight. After all, the body will get enough energy from its fat store so the person will get enough of what they need.

From the show, it was clear that HCG is FDA approved for treating infertility by both men and women. So, this means that so long as one is getting pharmaceutical grade HCG injections, it is safe for use. This gave it a positive point in Dr. Oz’s point of view.

Seeing is believing and this is what convinced Dr. Oz of the effectiveness of HCG injections even further. On the show were several women who claimed to have lost weight by using the HCG injections diet. They said that other than losing several pounds in a fortnight, they also noticed an increased energy. One user even said that this was the best diet she had ever tried. It teaches portion control and its users can be able to keep the weight off with eating less long after the program is over.

Why HCG injections are better than drops, tablets and other homeopathic formulations? The latter only contain trace amounts of HCG which is not enough to confer any real benefits. HCG injections are the better option but Dr. Lisa advises that a physician’s advice should be sought first. In her case, she screens a patient’s blood before starting the program. This is very important since not everyone can use HCG. It depends on their hormone levels and other factors.

So, what did the famous Dr. Oz finally say? He was actually convinced and advised that some people can benefit from using HCG online injections for weight loss. He however pointed out that there is no scientific evidence that supports that the HCG actually does aid in weight loss. The diet also has some side effects that people should beware of before deciding to try this diet.