The Real Answer for Does HCG Diet Work?

If you are looking to lose those extra pounds hanging around your waist, there is a good chance you might have heard of the HCG diet. You will hear people praising the diet and at the same time there are people who swear that this doesn’t work at all. In this post we shall enquire about whether this HCG diet really works.

What is the HCG diet?

HCG diet is a low calories diet. This was created by a doctor named A.W. Simeons. He stated that when a person is on a low calorie diet along with a dosage of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin his body starts to lose weight.

However, you might wonder that a person is bound to lose weight when he is on the low calorie diet.

But followers of HCG diet bed to differ. Their back up is that when one consumes the HCG hormone, hypothalamus is reseted. Hence, your cravings for sugary foods and most important of all the habit of eating junk foods is lost. Therefore, you are able to live a fulfilled lifestyle.

Does the HCG drops really help with the weight loss?

There is no answer to this question. The internet is filled with scammers and the same can be applied here. You will find several merchants selling fake HCG drops in the name of pure HCG. If you purchased these HCG drops and tested them out you will find that they do not contain even a single drop of the hormone HCG.

This is where you need to be aware. You need to purchase a HCG drop which is not only pure but also provides the maximum weight loss. Therefore, you should find HCG drops best for weight loss.

We found this post which educates readers on how to find best HCG drops. Please take a look and follow the steps accordingly.

Is HCG Diet FDA Approved?

NO the HCG diet is not FDA approved. People over the FDA found that HCG hormone does not result in weight loss and hence didn’t provide their approval. However, as we discussed above, the hormone is not there to lose weight. You will lose weight with the low calorie diet. The hormone over there is reset your hypothalamus resulting in quitting bad eating habits.

If its Not FDA approved, Is it legal or Safe to Buy?

We cannot talk about the product’s safety but it is completely legal as long as the merchant lets you know that HCG drops do not treat any disease, and especially does not help in weight loss.

So, there we are. The HCG diet does work and but not exactly as other diet systems. You need to try yourself to see the result.